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Avoid any possible contact of Covid-19

Packaging boys are ready to pickup your list of items and have them waiting for you in store in as little as 20 mins.

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Place your order ( place your order in the space provided then hit the submit button)

Step 2

Your items will be received by the store and your order will proceed in getting pick until your arrival.

Step 3

When you arrival your order will already be completed and ready for payment at the cashiers desk. Please note that you will be charge the additional fee of $5 for the operation and your done.

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Once we confirm your total we will contact you with the price and instantly your order is place. We will have your order ready in 20 minutes or less waiting for you!

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Get your Groceries Quick and Easy

Let us package your groceries or any essentials and have them ready for you when you get in the store. All you do is pay the price of your Grocery and a $5 fee which is used to pay the Packing boys and us.

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